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07 Ghost
1xTeito 3xTeito/Mikage
After School Nightmare
3xKureha 2xMash/Kure 2xMidori 1xShinbashi
6xKat/Aang 1xKat/Sokka 1xToph 3xZuko/Mai 4xAzula/Ty Lee 4xGroup
Black Lagoon
2xRevy 3xRevy/Rock
DOGS !Spoilers for Ch. 24!
1xNaoto 1xNaoto/Nil 2xHaine/Lily
Fooly Cooly
1xTakkun 1xMamimi 1xTakkun/Haruka
2xRoy/Hawkeye 3xRoys Army 1xMei-Chan/Gluttony
1xKyo/Tohru 2xTohru/Kyo/Yuki
2xNaruto 4xSasuke 2xNar/Sas 1xSas/Kak 1xSakura 2xTeam 7 2xKushina 7xMinato/Kushina 1xChouji 1xNar/Shika 2xShika/Tem 1xKak/Obito 2xNeji 2xLee 1xLee/Gaara 1xGroup
Naruto Fanfic Quotes
1xDuty Before Honor by Silvershine
Evangelion (The End+Iron Maiden)!Spoilers for both!
1xShinji/Misato 1xRei 4xShinji/Asuka 1xShinji/Kaworu
Star Wars Manga
1xLuke 1xLeia 1xLuke/Leia 1xLuke/Han 1xLeia/Han 1xChewy/C3PO
2xSheila 1xHero/Sheila
Twinkle Stars
1xSakuya 2xSakuya/Chihiro
2xYotsuba 1xGroup
Misc. animanga
2xImmortal Rain 1xNever Ending Heart 2xOne thousand and one nights 1xRanma 1/2
Sunshine by Robin McKinley
Misc. Quotes
1xBoston Legal 1xCtrl+Alt+Delete 1xthe Office 2xQuestionable Content


After I make a new layout for my personal journal I think I'm going to start posting to it again :D! Wait for it!

My rules on crediting/commenting remain nonexistant except if you're using one of my icons as a base. For more information refer to my Profile
Tags: 07 ghost, after school nightmare, avatar, black lagoon, bostol legal quotes, ctrl+alt+delete, dogs, evangelion, fma, fooly cooly, furuba, have some hats, immortial rain, naruto, never ending heart, one thousand and one nights, psychonauts, questionable content, ranma 1/2, star wars manga, sunshine (book) quotes, superior, the office quotes, twinkle stars, yotsuba&!
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Love the Toph one!
wow these are awesome
taking lots. >w<~
will credit. ♥
happy holidays!
:D happy holidays to you too!
Psychonauts! That game can never get enough love.
Creativity, amazing coloring, great compositions and effects.
Specially loved, e.g., some icons of NGE and After School Nightmare.

Great work!!
Taking a bunch, thank you!
NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCEEE. I particularly enjoy the Furuba ones (am I predictable or what?)
Okay. My commenting is done.

If you do start posting to your journal again, you have to friend me. K?
of course :DDD!
took some avatar, flcl and fma icons thank you!

love them love them love them!!!

Taking some, will credit.
took a few :]

ps; your immortal rain manga, are you reading it offline or scanning it?
nope :X downloading it from free_manga!


9 years ago

Ah yay! Afterschool nightmare! Wish I had more space for icons, but I'll snag some of them anyway :D
wow, is this a late comment. let me begin my praise of your awesomeness
your manga coloring is so smooth and clean and pretty!
FMA kicks booty. I demand more of those, and Perfect Girl Evolution and Superior, and what happened to Ranma? ;-;

Mine was the oposite with avatar. I loved it, then my sister loved it, and now I hate it. XD

I have inspiration oozing from my pores, and no Photoshop to icon with, so I will just have to live through your lovely icons :D
Happy Holidays!
awww thanks XD

Ranma has been eaten by other fandoms ;^;

you hate it now XD?! Katara makes me so happy ;^; she's a USEFUL female lead. More than most any shonen anime or manga.

oh no D:! that sounds unhealthy...maybe you should go to the doctor?!

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays :D

Snatching #7, because it's completely adorable. :)

And this is a roleplay journal, by the way... if you don't want your icons used on one then tell me and I won't. :)
Taking two and three of the Yostuba&! ones. They are utterly amazing. :DD Will credit.
Ahaha, I took a lot of the Psychonauts icons (#6 is so full of win right now) and a few of the Avatar. :D
Three comments:

1.) AVATAR: My sister wouldn't let me watch it for ages because 'it's looks lame' and I only got to after I was left alone for a weekend, discovered that it rocked, told her, and then caught her secretly watching episodes without me(brat)

2.) NEON GENESIS EVANGELION: my advice is to never watch End of Evangelion-- BIGGEST MINDF*CK EVER!!! It broke my brain, 5 years on and I'm still recovering.

3.) You make the best icon I've ever seen.
1. My brother simply wouldn't watch it because its pretty much "wannabe anime" ._.; If a song he likes starts getting played on a popular radio station he'll stop listening to it because its now 'been ruined' He's one of those guys D:

2. Urg well TOO LATE. I don't regret watching it but Shinji's screams raped my mind DDD:

3. awww thanks <3
Nice! I took #36 of the Naruto icons. Will credit!
Great icons, taking a few, great variety

Deleted comment

Snagging Kushina icon number 21, will credit.
klasjdioeurajdkl aiiiish your naruto icons never, ever cease to amaze me ♥ i do have a question for you thoughhh >.> are you planning on making an icon out of the scene in chapter 380 (i believe it's 380, anyway >.>;) of itachi on his throne? ldjieu i was talking with some friends when that chapter came out and we were all hoping you'd make it, since you're the best naruto manga iconner around, imo.

anyyway, i'll be taking the sasuke icons, more than likely, for future use. because i'm an uchiha whore like that haha ♥ again, lovely, lovely work.
Snagging #8 of the Avatar icons, will credit when used. Toph rules!! XD
im new hereee...
im happy to be here now jojo your icons are beautiful and fun ^-^

love specially abour ranma,furuba,naruto & evangelion
great job!

I can't believe you mad Sunshine quoticons. I rarely see those. That book is fanTASTIC!
Yeah X3 I love it!!

Rarely?! So does that mean you've seen some before?? LINK PLZ! *_*
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