frakalakalaka (frakalakalaka) wrote in goosygirl_icons,

Mostly Avatar :)

- 7xAang (7+Aang/Katara, 1+Aang/Toph, 2+Aang/Zuko)
- 5xKatara(5+Zuko, 1+Toph +2 Jet)
- 3xToph (1+Zuko, 2+Iroh)
- 1xSokka (3+Yue, 2+Suki, 4+Toph, 1+Zuko)
- 2xZuko (4+Iroh, 7+Mai)
- 6xAzula (1+Ty-Lee)
- 1xKuruk/Ummi
- 4xMisc (1+Melon Lord, 2+Group)
Beast Master
- 3xYuiko/Leo
- 1xNaoto
- 2xNil
- 1xLily
- 0xHaine (1+Lily, 2+Nil)
- 1xBado/Mimi
- 1xGroup
Lovely Complex
- 1xRisa (3+Otani)
- 1xNobu/Nakao
- 2xNaruto (5+Sasuke, 1+SasuSaku)
- 3xSakura
- 1xTemari (1+Shikamaru)
- 1xJiraiya/Tsunade
Nodame Cantabile
- 2xNodame (9+Chiaki)
Ouran Host Club
- 0xTamaki (3+Haruhi, 1xHikaru)
- 1xHunny/Reiko
- 1xGroup
- 2xLoveless
- 1xTwinkle Stars


Hopefully this is a bit easier to understand then my last method of organization :D

My rules on crediting/commenting remain nonexistant except if you're using one of my icons as a base. For more information refer to my Profile
Tags: avatar, beast master (manga), dogs, loveless, lovely complex, naruto, nodame, ouran, twinkle stars
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Snagging 77 of Avatar! :D
Gorgeous O^^O
These are lovely. Snagging a few of the Avatar ones, will credit. Thanks!
Such lovely icons! Am taking quite a few - will credit when use. :D
I adore these (:
taking a few, thanks :D
Ooh, awesome Avatar icons, and your Ouran ones are beautiful too!! :D
Awesome batch =)!
Why I not see this before!? D:

All your icons are excellent!, I can use all! xD THe 8 is really lovely, the 30 it´s great! and, and... well, how I say before all are great! xD

But the 20 and 21 are specially beautiful, Maybe I use too the another original story boards of the kiss in DoBS...

Well, thanks for all the Awesome designs.
I took the 2nd of the Naruto-batch <3~~

Aaaah I didn't see the latest film of Naruto yet, but I can't stop the feeling, that they tease the fangirls even moarrrr xD~
*points to the necklaces*
I think they passed "teasing" and right into "yes alright! Naruto has a gay crush on his best friend" awhile ago XD
70, 73, and 75 of the AtLA section are my absolute favorites. Snagging those, and will credit.
yeah... i took a lot. xD;;...

the zutara was... was... =OOOOOOOOOOO amazing... AMAAAZIIIING!
Mostly Avatar is an understatement. 99% Avatar and %1 Other would be more accurate :D I know some weekend I need to rent all the Avtar seasons, lock myself in my room, and watch them until I am up to date with all the couples and scenes and OMG moments.

I love your manga icons! Honestly, they are the only ones I know that are worth looking at, since every one else just slaps on a Difference layer and says, 'DONE!'
Oh, Where do you find the sketch art stuff like in #20 for Avatar. I love how it looks when it's colored.

So. How are you? I've been drifting away from LJ for months, and I only check in every now and then for fun. My life is mostly full of running and school now, so yay :|

Have a great school year!
took a bunch of the avatar. thanks
gjkdfhgd Temari in #12!! &hearts I must snag it; thank you!
taking #77 will credit :)
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